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Guildwood Village Communify Association
Founded in 1958
Box 11001,97 Guildwood Parkway
Toronto, Ontario MlE 5G5
June 13,2010
Bemie Wolfe
Crystal Lawn & Snow Removal Inc.
Dear Bemie, What would Guildwood Day 2010 have been without you? Not as excellent! We are very grateful for your help and participation in our community event.
Your flatbed trailer and truck were perfect transportation for the pan drum band for our parade. We really appreciate your gift of time and energy for Guildwood Day for the second year in a row. So this is a BIG THANKS from all of us on the organizing committee!! And you brought us good weather too....
All the CJtheo best*,
Lori Metcalfe
Guildwood Day Coordinator

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Gir{Guides Guides
ofCanada duCanada
2188 Brownsea Orive N.W
Cabary, Alberta T2N 3Gg
(403)283-8348 (a$)28&9781 (Fax)
June 16,2010
Crystal Lawn & Snow Removal Inc.
68 Cannon Road
Etobicoke ON M8Y 151 To whom it rnaY concern'
on beharf of the Girl Guides of canada - calgary A1ea, I wourd rike to thank you for your generous donation of $zso.oo. ns requesteol tnis.oonation wiil be directed to the 4gth pathfinder Unit. prease find encrosed'a tax receipt for the amount of your donation. As a non-profit organization, the ongoing generosi$ of.the community is graciously accepted. firis gift will go toward. p.uioing the opportunities for the girls and women to increase their Guiding experiences'
we recogn ize alldonors in the Annual Report' rl yoY do not wish to be recognized' please contact the office AJministrator at +os-zag-a3ag io be removed from our Donor List. we protect and respeciv"tt pri"""v. .+;n intoimation.gathered is used to communicate within our organization. wil; l"i pi6"ioe br sett this information outside our organization. For further information, see our pnvacy statement at
Thank You again for Your suPPort'
Eileen Johansen
Area Commissioner
Charitable Orgenization Number: 11893 8554 RR0003

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52 Division Community police Liaison Committee

c/o 52 DIVISION TORONTO POI.JC£ SERVICE 255 Dundal St~e1 West Toronto, Ontario MST 2WS Tel 416-808-S286 Fa. 416-808-5202

Crystal Lawn & Snow Removal Inc. Inc.
68 Cannon Road
Etobicoke Ontario M8Y 151
November 9, 2008

A sincere "thank you" for your generous support of this year's bursary/scholarship fundraiser for the students at Contact School
As you may have heard our event this year "Our Community - Our Future" held on October 6th
,was Interrupted when Deputy Chief Keith Forde collapsed. I'm happy to report he is doing well and
recovering quickly. We subsequently held a second night to finish the silent auction on October 27th
This year's recipients - Clarisa Pessoa and Dylan Moon are both first year students at Centennial College In journalism and advertising respectively. They are two very deserving students.
This scholarship provides them with some financial support to enable them to continue their education beyond high school. In this our third gala, we are delighted to report that we raised over $15,000. This brings our three year total to over $48,000. We are very pleased with this level of support from our community through financial and in-kind donations!

Again thank you so much for your generosity!

liz Sauter
Co-chairs, Gala
52 Division Community Police Liaison Committee
cc: Ms. Kim Gallacher - Village by the Grange
Larry Sdao

May 31.2008

To: Crystal Lawn & Snow Removal Inc.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank-you for the wonderful job your guys did on our landscaping of the front yard. We've had numerous compliments form our neighbours and friends.

We found your crew to be extremely polite, efficient and very prompt. It was a pleasure to see our yard transformed in the agreed upon time and at a reasonable price. It was very much appreciated.

Once again, many thanks.
The Allans
15 Finchley Cres.
Bramalea, Ontario
L6T 3P5
M4W I K3
(416) 921-2704 FAX
(416) 921-9614
  October 2, 2007

Quality Landscape Services
68 Cannon Road Etobicoke,
Ontario M8Y 1S1

To: Potential new Clients of Crystal Lawn & Snow Removal Inc. Inc.

Crystal Lawn & Snow Removal Inc. has been the landscape contractor for 21 Dale Avenue for approximately six years. Kensington Apartments sits on 5 acres of property in which most of it is covered in perennial gardens, bushes and large trees.

We have an active grounds/garden committee which works close with management and the landscaper in maintaining the beautiful gardens we are renowned for.

As a property manager, I never have concerns about the gardens being maintained to the level of care that the residents expect. Crystal Lawn exceeds my expectations in performance and reliability and I would highly recommend their services to other clients.
Yours truly

Wendy Wright,
RCM Property

September 27, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

RE: Crystal Lawn & Snow Removal Inc. Inc.

Talk about good service! I have the pleasure of managing one of Toronto's oldest and most unique condominium complexes. Being as unique as Village By The Grange is, it is not without its share of difficulties.

A little over a year ago, one such issue was landscaping and snow removal. Complications resulted in VBTG and the landscaping company at that time having to part ways. This left a very large site in immediate need of a landscaping company ready and able to take on the challenge that is Village By The Grange.

Crystal Lawn & Snow Removal Inc. Inc. turned out to be that company. Regardless of their unfamiliarity with the site, they stepped right in, very quickly learned their way around this vast location and have, at all times, provided top notch quality service.

Their attention to detail and immediate responsiveness to the various issues that come up from time to time make them a company truly worth doing business with.

If you have landscaping needs, you won't go wrong with Crystal Lawn & Snow Removal Inc. Inc.

Your truly
Lena DaRocha,
General Manager - Village By The Grange

TEL: 416.598.1515 • FAX: 416.598.1726

November 26, 2006
Bernie Wolfe
Crystal Lawn & Snow Removal Inc. Inc
31 Windsor St
Toronto, ON M8Y 2V9


Dear Bernie:

Thank you very much for your kind and generous offer to loan us the use of your trailer for the 2006 Mississauga
Santa Clause Parade. Our attraction in the parade was nothing less than a huge success. It would have been
very difficult to pull off such a successful event without your assistance.
If there is ever anything we, as a club can do for you or your business, please don’t hesitate to
contact me


Jay Warburton
President –
Krawlerz Off-Road Enthusiasts
416 668 0559

  Merry Christmas!

October 25, 2006
Dear Bernie:
Thank you for all your efforts. The Terrace looks great! We just need the wind to tone down a bit.
Thank You,